April 21, 2012

Heavenly taste

This week has been great to me! I've got plenty of good times with people i love. Laughing all the time and eating at the same time. Yes! I ate a lot these few days starts from unusual breakfast till extraordinary dinner. Maybe i sound a little exaggerate but it is exactly what i feel haha. Unfortunately the weather was unfriendly enough. It is like ten minutes rain then 10 minutes the sun shine brightly and it keeps going on like that for days. Im still happy though! :)
In this post you will not see any outfit photo but food and dessert. I once wrote in my bio Im a huge fan of food too, right? I eat a lot and gaining weights as fast as the speed of light LOL

Assorted pork belly plate with green veggies by Bingsheng Restaurant it is a must try food if you come to Guangzhou!IMG-20120411-00348 Carbonara pasta and chocolate melt by Planet Hollywod Jakarta (ps: try their new lounge named eden lounge, good place to gather for hours!)DSC_3982 DSC_3997 Assorted macaroons! 
I lovee sweets and macaroons is a nearly perfect dish for me. Its light, crunchy outside and fluffy inside. I tried some from different shop but most of all, i prefer Canele better! My fav would be caramel flavor. Rose, pistachio, hazelnut and cookies and cream are delicious too! IMG-20120411-00344
From top to bottom: Brunetti, Jewel Artisan, Canele. Second photo is canele

Last two photos was come from my instagram. The left one is my poached egg and toasted i had when breakfast in Bali, i cant exactly remember where is the shop though. On the right side is the pork belly from Bingsheng which i had edited. For those who have instagram account, follow me: @sevvysamantha

Enjoy the dishes! :)