April 4, 2013

forever 21

Im turning 21 today! happy birthday to me :D I feel extremely blessed and thankful for everyone who has been fulfilling my life in the past 20years with me, bearing sadness and happiness which i caused to them and for always being there to cheer to hold and even being my shelter when i needed one. My family my best friend and my loves, thank you for going through with me. I couldn't ask for anything better :)
Anyways, beside the bad thing that im going older, I am now proud to announce that im legally legal! *hiphiphooray*! Twenty-one isn't a bad thing though!
Here are some photos that i shoot with my friend back there when im still in jakarta. Gosh im missing home! Hope you like it as much as i do!

 photo SV_321_zps36d37796.jpg

 photo SV_291_zpsb96ff8f0.jpg

 photo SV_251_zps9cafc97d.jpg

 photo SV_221_zpsd27263c9.jpg

 photo SV_171_zps8772d417.jpg

 photo SV_151_zps7b03ff63.jpg