July 2, 2013


Im writing this post while lying in my bed. Clock is ticking and dawn is just about to come out. I feel uneasy that i can't even rest my brain for awhile. Exams coming up, my work is just far from finish line and minor problems somehow turns out bigger than it should be. In time like this i could only think that life is hard and tiring.

I once told, "you have to be nice so people can value your work." In some cases, it turns out to be true. People appreciated for what i've done nicely for them. Some didn't. Then i start to think, "being nice is tough, unless its worth it." I just found that some people, however you've done things for them or even sacrificing yourself before them, they will never respect or look into it because of their ego, selfishness, and pride. They are stuck in their own world by throwing emotions blindly. Those people aren't worth of nice treatment.

From now on, start appreciate yourself above everything or anyone. Even though your love one. They suppose to understand afterall.

What goes around comes around. Well said.