November 27, 2012

seasons greeting

Winter. What's going through your mind when you hear that words? For me (which is not a big fan of winter things due to my personal experience) i'd like to say a long-hibernation-time-for-mind-and-soul! Maybe some of you will not expect to heard that but it really is! Windy breezy rainy weather are not really my best friends. I don't know if it is just me or anyone else but they always brings a gloomy notion and i need a break of it.
Anyway, enough with the prolog. Went to Hong Kong for a quick weekend shopping spree with my friends and Christmas is everywhere! I mean, every place we've been were decorated with Christmas theme and there's always a feeling of warmth whenever i put my eyes on them. It's like all your problems gone and suddenly changed to a joyful moment. Unfortunately, it just last for a night..

morning face = bloated face 
DSC03840found this cute huge-angel-winged-pig in front of K-11 art mall. simply adorable <3
notice the different? i draw my brow and its kind of fail. lol
Christmas decoration in Times Square made from Lego

enjoy the post and hope you have a great and joyful holiday season! xx