April 30, 2012

the good old times

Let me introduce me and my best girls through these photos. Here we come, The Gossipers! :)

Some of you might be familiar with couple girls in the photo. Yes! They are Diana from Call me Diiiyn and Okky from Dommydoo. It was a good day. We did a little photoshoot with Diana's friend, Try Hansen and actually it was not going really smooth. I dont know why but i just feel a little weird since im not really used to be a "model" and might be the least dumb in front of the camera compare to the other haha i tried my best though!! 

I was super fat back there!! My cheek is about to fell down and I was burnt like crazy. Before the photoshoot i just got back from Bali with family and i ate a lot :D suckling pig and nasi pedes is my favorite. I also tried sea-walking activity and it was beyond amazing. I once change my display picture with underwater photo and many people told me if it is photoshop-ed but it isn't. Let me share it with you guys in the next post.

All photos credit to Try Hansen! Thanks to him :)