July 2, 2013


Im writing this post while lying in my bed. Clock is ticking and dawn is just about to come out. I feel uneasy that i can't even rest my brain for awhile. Exams coming up, my work is just far from finish line and minor problems somehow turns out bigger than it should be. In time like this i could only think that life is hard and tiring.

I once told, "you have to be nice so people can value your work." In some cases, it turns out to be true. People appreciated for what i've done nicely for them. Some didn't. Then i start to think, "being nice is tough, unless its worth it." I just found that some people, however you've done things for them or even sacrificing yourself before them, they will never respect or look into it because of their ego, selfishness, and pride. They are stuck in their own world by throwing emotions blindly. Those people aren't worth of nice treatment.

From now on, start appreciate yourself above everything or anyone. Even though your love one. They suppose to understand afterall.

What goes around comes around. Well said.

April 21, 2013

trip inappropriate

Went for a trip with my friends to suburban city and the weather was such a weirdo. Day one i was wearing lace shirt with trousers and im sweating like a pig. It was hot, humid, and rainy at the same time. This is what i wear in day two. Was hoping for a better weather but i woke up late! Shirt, shorts and bare-faced. Then, i thought it would be just as hot as the other day but im totally fooled! I was freezing brrrrrrr

 photo _MG_5581_zps7111d46b.jpg  photo _MG_5629_zps59d3d811.jpg  photo _MG_5628_zps9ad54329.jpg  photo Desktop11_zpsf4113528.jpg

April 4, 2013

forever 21

Im turning 21 today! happy birthday to me :D I feel extremely blessed and thankful for everyone who has been fulfilling my life in the past 20years with me, bearing sadness and happiness which i caused to them and for always being there to cheer to hold and even being my shelter when i needed one. My family my best friend and my loves, thank you for going through with me. I couldn't ask for anything better :)
Anyways, beside the bad thing that im going older, I am now proud to announce that im legally legal! *hiphiphooray*! Twenty-one isn't a bad thing though!
Here are some photos that i shoot with my friend back there when im still in jakarta. Gosh im missing home! Hope you like it as much as i do!

 photo SV_321_zps36d37796.jpg

 photo SV_291_zpsb96ff8f0.jpg

 photo SV_251_zps9cafc97d.jpg

 photo SV_221_zpsd27263c9.jpg

 photo SV_171_zps8772d417.jpg

 photo SV_151_zps7b03ff63.jpg

March 7, 2013

love bug

Winter is near the edge and im ready to welcoming spring. Its just about time to put in my shorts and t-shirts, and wrap my coat out of my closet! :)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

January 26, 2013

365 wishes

Hi all! Its been a while since the last post and finally, here is the first post on my blog to gratefully start 2013. Happy belated Christmas and New year for you! :)

Talking about new year, I have always had a resolution in every each of the year and usually i start to make a new one in the early new year. When december comes, its time to fill the thick to my fulfilled wishes. I dont know if other people take this as a joke or just a simple hope for a year. For me, it kinda serious and it usually getting even tougher in the back months.
2012 for me was a great year. I've been through a good things with people i loved. I've achieve some of my goals and it feels relieved to know that you are (finally) know where you are good at and capable of doing something. Aside from the good deeds, i also had the downfall moment. I've been sick, and so many plans didn't work out. Plenty of chances blew away because i was so thoughtful and disrespectful at the same time. And these are problem that im going to solve this year (hopefully).
We, human are born in different aspects to fulfill each other needs. Some are good in physical thing, some have a genius brain, some have abundance talent on painting or singing and etc. If you still don't wandering on which part are you good in, don't break out and keep searching. Once you know the call of your life, don't miss the a single chance! Second chances are rarely come so make the most of the first one! :)

Sweater-Zara ; Coat-H&M ; Bag: Steve Madden

December 5, 2012


Went for a photo shoot back then with my friend and surprisingly the photographer was one of my good old friend. I didn't have time to prepare much since it was a last minute and also the first thing in the morning so, i grab some piles which was placed on the top of my closet with hopes it wasn't too cheesy lol. The photos turns out good (but my face looks all bloated!!) but i don't have the original copy. Hope this is just clear enough :D

shoes: Sam Edelman's Novaka heels ; yellow pastel top: Zara ; watch: Omega

November 27, 2012

seasons greeting

Winter. What's going through your mind when you hear that words? For me (which is not a big fan of winter things due to my personal experience) i'd like to say a long-hibernation-time-for-mind-and-soul! Maybe some of you will not expect to heard that but it really is! Windy breezy rainy weather are not really my best friends. I don't know if it is just me or anyone else but they always brings a gloomy notion and i need a break of it.
Anyway, enough with the prolog. Went to Hong Kong for a quick weekend shopping spree with my friends and Christmas is everywhere! I mean, every place we've been were decorated with Christmas theme and there's always a feeling of warmth whenever i put my eyes on them. It's like all your problems gone and suddenly changed to a joyful moment. Unfortunately, it just last for a night..

morning face = bloated face 
DSC03840found this cute huge-angel-winged-pig in front of K-11 art mall. simply adorable <3
notice the different? i draw my brow and its kind of fail. lol
Christmas decoration in Times Square made from Lego

enjoy the post and hope you have a great and joyful holiday season! xx