April 21, 2013

trip inappropriate

Went for a trip with my friends to suburban city and the weather was such a weirdo. Day one i was wearing lace shirt with trousers and im sweating like a pig. It was hot, humid, and rainy at the same time. This is what i wear in day two. Was hoping for a better weather but i woke up late! Shirt, shorts and bare-faced. Then, i thought it would be just as hot as the other day but im totally fooled! I was freezing brrrrrrr

 photo _MG_5581_zps7111d46b.jpg  photo _MG_5629_zps59d3d811.jpg  photo _MG_5628_zps9ad54329.jpg  photo Desktop11_zpsf4113528.jpg


  1. what a fab outfit! girl you look stunning

  2. You are so cute and your style is awesome ♡

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